Where do I start? A Step by Step Guide


  1. Register on the site -
  2. Create and save a quote here –
  3. Templates will be provided for your size manuscript and cover artwork in your saved quote.
  4. Download the templates from the saved project listed under the manuscript and cover art sections of your project and import into your graphic design program. (If BookBaby is designing, you can skip this step).
  5. You’ll need a single page spread PDF of your (proofread and edited) manuscript
  6. You’ll need a separate PDF of your cover artwork 
  7. Upload your PDF’s into the appropriate placeholders in the Project Center
  8. Walk through check out.


  • What happens next?



  1. We’ll convert your files to 3 different formats (PDF, mobi and ePub)
  2. We’ll send you an ePub galley proof so that you can view your files on any type of reader or mobile device for playability
  3. We’ll distribute your book to all of our partner sites
  4. We’ll collect your royalties from your sales
  5. We’ll report your royalties via My Account
  6. We’ll pay out your royalties according to your instructions in My Account under Payment Info

Printed Books:

  1. If you’ve asked us to perform any design or formatting services for you, we’ll set up your book for you and send you a digital proof to approve
  2. We’ll send your approved manuscript and cover to our digital printers
  3. If you’ve ordered our POD services, we’ll set up distribution for your book with all of our partners
  4. We’ll ship your completed order to you or the address that you have specified.
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